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June 05, 2005


 外出するのも億劫なので、ネットで例のAppleネタを漁っていたら、こんな書き込みがMac Rumorsのフォーラムにあった:
Next years news article.

"Microsoft Purchases Apple computer (the software company) for 22 Billion Dollars.

Microsoft has purchased Apple computer in a move many predicted after Apple moved to the intel processor family. Microsoft has purchased the company in hopes of updating their failing longhorn operating system with OS X underpinnings."

The Rumor is not a rumor, its true. Go the the and check out the very lead story. It makes sense for Apple to leak a story like this progressively over weeks. SERIOUSLY! Think about if they kept this rumor secret, and just decided to spring it without any leak on their developers. I think developers would pass out in their seats. This preps people to be ready for this type of annoucement.


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