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June 12, 2005


 New York Timesの6月11日付け記事「What's Really Behind the Apple-Intel Alliance」(閲覧には無償登録が必要)には、驚くような話がいくつも紹介されている。



An executive close to Sony said that last year Mr. Jobs met in California with both Nobuyuki Idei, then the chairman and chief executive of the Japanese consumer electronics firm, and with Kenichi Kutaragi, the creator of the Sony PlayStation.

Mr. Kutaragi tried to interest Mr. Jobs in adopting the Cell chip, which is being developed by I.B.M. for use in the coming PlayStation 3, in exchange for access to certain Sony technologies. Mr. Jobs rejected the idea, telling Mr. Kutaragi that he was disappointed with the Cell design, which he believes will be even less effective than the PowerPC.
 やっぱりソニーはAppleに興味があったということ。これが実現していれば、PS 3とApple製品の連携なんてことも大いにあり得たのだろうけど…。

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