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May 11, 2005


 Gizmodoで取り上げていた話題。ちょっとのぞいたみたのだけど、この「As Seen On TV」というハンドルネームの人、一般人じゃ知らないような詳しい話を延々と語っていて、かなりオモロイ。

And the iPod is not repeat not gonna say it one more time not meant to be a video-playback device. It's not even remotely designed for it. The iPod has a tiny hard drive that's designed for embedded applications, and a 32 MB (I think it is) RAM buffer cache that's optimized for dealing with song-sized chunks of data. That's about 4 MB. Even a half hour of HD content is gonna be half a gigabyte. There's basically no way for the iPod to play that without constantly keeping the hard drive running, and that will burn out the drive very quickly. Seriously, under constant use, the iPod hard drives' life spans are measured in tens of hours.


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