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August 30, 2004

Can Microsoft Stomp iTunes With a Store of Its Own?

 New York Timesの8月30日の記事(閲覧には無料登録が必要)によれば、Microsoftは今週の木曜日に、MSNでストア形式の音楽配信サービスを開始する模様。

Microsoft's service is expected to offer largely the same song selection as the other music services, though its collection is expected to be somewhat smaller than iTunes' at first. Record labels and artists have already learned there is little value in long-term exclusive distribution deals with a particular online service, but rather an advantage to striking smaller, special deals with each one.

In Microsoft's case, industry observers say the company could announce a high-profile, short-term alliance as a way of raising its visibility. The industry has been wondering which online service will be the first to distribute the Beatles catalog, but analysts say Microsoft is not likely to announce such a deal.

"Microsoft is going to have to do something to get people's attention," Mr. Bernoff said.


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