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June 03, 2004

Labels to dampen CD burning?

 日本語訳はコチラで「米で新たなCDコピー防止技術導入の動き--消費者の不満を解消できるか」というタイトルで読めるのだけど、現時点でアップされているのは抄訳バージョン。注意書きとして「この記事は海外CNET Networks発のニュースをCNET Japanが日本向けに編集したものです」とあるのが気になるところ。

Such anticopying efforts have met with consumer resistance in the past, but if the labels have their way, it may be that not only CDs, but also iTunes-style digital downloads, will be restricted.

In addition to adding a new layer of copy protection on CDs, SunnComm and Macrovision each say their CD burning limitations could be applied to digital download businesses such as Napster or Apple Computer's iTunes, which do not put any restriction on burned CDs. That potentially could set off a new round of skirmishes between such digital download businesses and the record labels over how consumers can use the music they buy online.

"What labels have told us is that their agreements (with the download services) are relatively short term, a year or under, and so they believe that they have the capability to require (the burning tools to be added) next time around," Macrovision Chief Executive Officer Bill Krepick said.

 今後2カ月で、BMGは米国内において、Velvet Revolver、Angie Stone、Yung Wunなどの作品をコピー規制機能が付いたCDで販売すると発表しているけれど、とりあえず他メジャーレーベルは、消費者運動などの強い反発もあるため、まだしばらくは静観する模様。

"EMI does use Macrovision's technology in just about every country in the world," EMI spokeswoman Jeanne Meyers said. "We're testing other forms of technology from a lot of different companies before launching in the U.S. and the U.K."

 現時点で、この記事全文の翻訳は、まだCNET Japanに掲載されていない。全文訳が掲載されないのには何か特別な理由があるのだろうか? まぁ、単純に編集サイドがこの記事は重要じゃないと判断しただけなんだろうけど、ちょっと勘ぐってしまうぐらいに面白い記事だと思う。

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