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June 10, 2005


 Mac Rumorsで紹介されている、Ars Technicaの6月8日付け記事「Hell freezes over; it must've been the liquid cooling: Hannibal on the Apple-to-Intel transition」は非常に興味深い内容だ。

Conroe is a dual-core desktop chip that has all of the features in my list above, and is based on the successor to the Pentium M's "Banias" architecture. This new, "completely revamped" dual-core architecture will supposedly give a 20-30% performance boost over the current Pentium M and will be the nail in the coffin of the power-inefficient Netburst architecture. I think Conroe is the most likely candidate for the first Intel-based PowerMac, because it would allow Apple to skip Netburst entirely.


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